I Build Websites and Apps That Help People

Welcome to my site. Take a look around, see what I have been up to, and see what we can accomplish together. Simply scroll a bit to see my projects, or contact me for any questions or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you.


Coder Coffee

A fullstack web app that allows baristas to take coffee orders from customers.

Fullstack Todo List

A fullstack web app that with Node.js, MongoDB and Passport.JS that allows user to create an account and save todos.

Norse Fitness Tracking App

Track everything from study habits, workouts, nutrition, and hydration. Earn XP and level up your stats, such as strength and intelligence.

Educator Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboard for educators using Google Classroom API.

Get To Know Me

My name is Kyle Dadika. After transitioning out of Nutrition and Food Science, I fell in love with software engineering and my self-taught journey began. My inquisitive personality makes software engineering a perfect fit. Getting to the root of problems and solving them is where I am at my best. My goal is to progressively improve the world, by building technology to enhance our lives.

When I am not coding, I can be found exercising, learning about blockchain technology, and attempting to find the perfect hobby.

Let's Connect

I am currently accepting new freelance clients, passion project opportunities, and dog pictures.